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Our proven process at work to fully capture your requirements

The 319 InSight Expert Project Management team uses a highly professional, proven process to assure that your system meets and exceeds all expectations.

The 319 project management team begins with internal coordination to learn as much as possible on the parameters of the project, the background of the client relationship, and other key information that will help frame the foundation of the project from the business development team that had been working with the client, including:

  • Background of the relationship between 319 and the client
  • What does the client do as a company?
  • What business challenges / opportunities do they have that prompted the decision to automate their compliance processes?
  • Application(s), modules, integrations that were agreed to, possible development required
  • Undefined / open items that require further agreement / discussion
  • Perspective on what would be the most challenging aspects of the project
  • Time frames / project schedules that may have been discussed
  • People involved and their background from the client’s side
  • Any documentation that was provided in the sales process from the client (workflows, questionnaires / forms, policy documents, etc.)
  • Other helpful information…

After studying the information provided, the project management team then will gather publicly-available information about the client and their business. The information that is gathered in this phase may reveal answers to key aspects of the client:

  • What are the roles of the people involved in the process and what is their business history?
  • What are the business policies and standard operating procedures for the processes that we will be automating?
  • What departments will be involved in the process?
  • What characteristics of the company contribute to the definition of the business policies and standard operating procedures?
  • What maturity level does the company appear to have from a compliance perspective?
  • What recent events in the news may affect company policy and compliance objectives?

Our process has been proven over and over to enable our team to deliver the very best solution for your unique organization!

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