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Policy & Procedure Administration "Your Way"

319 Enterprise Policy Lifecycle AutomationThe importance of organizational policies and procedures cannot be understated. They serve as the laws and guidelines for all participants of your enterprise.

319 InSight offers an expert lifecycle automation platform that becomes fully crafted to match your company’s specific and unique policy and procedure business requirements.

The solution is designed to improve the accuracy and speed of policy distribution, reinforce policy guidelines through knowledge snippets and procedural call outs thereby reducing operational risk,  and help organizations save time and money in the policy management lifecycle.

Organizations have found that implementing the Enterprise Policy Lifecycle Automation platform has been a very fast and simple process, getting up and running in a matter of weeks.

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Enterprise Policy Lifecycle Automation Highlights:

  • Advanced, Targeted Segmentation:  The application allows for highly targeted, custom business logic to segment policy & procedure visibility, assignment, ownership, and approval workflows. This feature provides tremendous value in the following ways:
    • Subject Matter Experts are empowered to create and manage policies and procedures within their area of expertise.
    • Employees, Contractors, Vendors, and Intermediaries will be shown and distributed the exact policies and procedures that they need, without anything more or less in their queue. This prevents information from improperly getting into the wrong hands, but also eliminates wasteful activities by not providing irrelevant information to recipients.
    • New or modified policies & procedures can be reviewed by the exact set of individuals that should be involved, reducing cycle times from ideation to approval
  • Dynamic Visibility & Assignment:  The application can connect to internal systems such as Workday, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and more. This allows assignment of policies & procedures to happen automatically. For example:
    • Workday sends a new hire in the Sales department in the Mexico office via a feed to 319. 319 automatically launches the new hire set of policies & procedures for Sales personnel located in Mexico.
    • Oracle passes a feed that contains IT-based suppliers to 319, which necessitates the review and attestation to InfoSec policies and procedures once a year. IT suppliers that do not review or attest to the policies may be placed into a do not engage status until the action is remediated.
  • Multiple Policy Types:  The application allows for policies & procedures to be created via a file (such as a PDF or Word document), a link, or directly as web-based content (including video) within the system. This feature provides ultimate flexibility to publish content in the most effective manner.
  • Easy to Use and Fast to Implement:  The system is highly intuitive to use based on user feedback and fast to implement – typically up and running in a matter of weeks or less.
  • Powerful Reporting:  The application contains a powerful reporting engine to provide insights into all policies & procedures, all system users, and even complete audit trails of all policy & procedure management activities.
KEY benefits OF

Enterprise Policy Lifecycle Automation with 319 InSight

Fastest Possible Cycle Times & Approvals

Fastest Possible
Cycle Times & Approvals

Unparalleled Precision of Data Collection & Analysis

Unmatched Precision with Targeted
Policy Assignment & Reviews

Unmatched Agility to Support Changing Regulations

Amazing Agility to Support
Changing Business Requirements

Compliance business processes involve engagement of the entire enterprise

Compliance is no longer simply the "police" within an organization's operations. The importance of a transparent and compliant organization across the enterprise has never been higher. Besides negative consequences such as irreparable reputation damage or enforcement actions / fines; a compliant organization is also an efficient and sustainable organization.

As a result, all factions of an enterprise must be truly engaged within all compliance processes. An example of this phenomenon is explained in the World Economic Forum's report "Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI)":

"The PACI Principles ask the Board of Directors (or equivalent body), the Chief Executive Officer (or Executive Board) and senior management of signatory companies to demonstrate active and visible commitment to the company's anti-corruption programme. Along the same line, an organization's top leadership should make clear to everyone in the organization that the appointment of or partnerships with third parties should be subject to risk-based due diligence to mitigate potential corruption risks."

"In particular, an organization's training programme may be used to promote the integration of third-party due diligence into key business processes, such as sales, procurement, finance and marketing."

319 InSight's technology is fully reconfigurable and seamlessly engages the appropriate users / departments / factions of an organization when appropriate and dictated by policy. BlackBox brings an even further level of engagement across not only people, but systems, allowing for system-to-system connectivity through a reconfigurable API. Systems such as Salesforce.com, SAP, and even homegrown systems can kick-off screening processes, retrieve and display results, and affect internal system processes.

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