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Critical and powerful technology to assure the safety of your data and IP

The 319 Cloud being within Amazon AWS gives you peace of mind as the data can be stored in the defined location that is critical to your business, typically being EU for GDPR needs. You can assure that the entire cloud is always continually monitored and running with the highest level of security procedures and technologies available.

Each client is deployed their own segmented stack in the 319 Cloud. This provides for full data segmentation between clients for the highest levels of security.
All clients run on the same version of the 319 Stack assuring the highest levels of reliability, security, and performance.

All data is stored and transported fully encrypted providing for a high level of security. Public connections to the portals, workstation and administrator are all fully encrypted via https. All data stored in backups is fully encrypted via AES 256.

We employ the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to create and manage cryptographic keys. AWS KMS is a secure and resilient service that uses hardware security modules that have been validated under FIPS 140-2, or are in the process of being validated, to protect your keys. Its integration with CloudTrail provides us with logs of all key usage to help meet our regulatory and compliance needs.

The 319 Enterprise Cloud utilized a 4-tier level of security for security that surpasses anything in the industry.

  • Level 1: Portal Access: A user needs to have access to enter a portal to gain access to it or they will be blocked and never be able to enter.
  • Level 2: Business Process Access: A user needs to have access to enter a specific business process to gain access to it or they will be blocked and never be able to enter. This is critical to allow for many processes to be integrated into the same solution. An example might be a 3rd party business process and a gifts and hospitality business process.
  • Level 3: Access to a specific group of data elements with a specific business process. For example, user 1 can see the internal assessment and all of its data elements only for a 3rd Party and user 2 can see the Internal assessment and all of its data along with the entire 3rd party application and all of its data.
  • Level 4: Access to a single data element within the group of data elements. For example, user 1 may be able to see the company’s revenue while the other user can’t see that data element.

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