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Due Diligence

Powerful, flexible, precise third-party due diligence and rapid risk assessment automation that empowers all key stakeholders to easily and securely participate in your unique process.

Mitigate Third-Party Bribery and Corruption Risk

319 InSight makes third-party due diligence simple, flexible and fast through integrated screening, intuitive data contribution and powerful reporting – resulting in significantly shorter overall process cycle times.

A low cost of ownership enables your compliance department to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.  319 InSight’s platform flexibility assures that your process will be able to evolve as requirements grow and change.

Third-Party Due Diligence Highlights:

  • Internal and External Contribution:  The application can include contribution from one-to-many people both inside, and external to, your organization in a highly secure manner.
  • Custom Workflows and Questionnaire Forms: The application allows for any possible workflow process to be automated, and allows for 100% custom questionnaire forms for all stages within your process. This assures that your unique corporate policy is completely enforced and executed within your entire process for all parties involved.
  • Targeted Data Collection per Third-Party:  The application can employ conditional logic, allowing for a focused and unique set of information to be provided, based on the different aspects of each Third-Party relationship with your organization.
  • Renewals and Reassessments:  The application can allow for ongoing monitoring of the third-party relationship over time, which can provide for affirmation of information and/or collection of new information as needed, assuring an always up-to-date risk profile of your third-parties. Custom timeframes for these actions can be set based on any criteria you define, such as risk level, spend, or anything else you can dream of.
  • Fully Integrated Screening Data: Screening data can be integrated into the application and used inline to screen people and companies as information is entered within the process. Results can be used dynamically within automated workflow decisions that can affect risk scoring, approval pathways, continuous monitoring and much more.
  • Custom Risk Scoring:  Any piece of data that is collected within your third-party due diligence process can be automatically analyzed for Risk based on your unique matrix of factors.  The calculations occur inline, real-time as data is being contributed to the process.  Risk Matrices can be configured as a point system (0-25, 26-50, etc.), and/or as a bucketing system (Low, Medium, High).  It can even check to see if a subject has been positively matched with a data profile, check the source of the hit, and use that information in the calculation.
  • Fully Integrated Enhanced Due Diligence Reporting:  The application can enable manual or automatic ordering of Enhanced Due Diligence of any type or subject based the dynamic analysis of a third-party. Order statuses are reflected back into the application with notifications upon completion of the order and successful delivery of the report back into the system.
  • Mitigations / Controls Tracking and Enforcement:  319 InSight enables total process automation of third party due diligence, including mitigation / controls tracking and enforcement. Many times, third parties may be approved but require ongoing risk mitigation tasks to assure compliance with your policies and procedures. The platform can collect these tasks within your third party due diligence process, assign them, and enforce that they are carried out for the duration of your engagement with the third party. Other systems fall short and cannot maintain a multi-pronged approach to ongoing mitigation / controls. 319 InSight is designed to assure total process automation of all of these critical business functions.
Key Benefits of

Third-Party Due Diligence with 319 InSight

Fastest Possible Cycle Times & Approvals

Fastest Possible
Cycle Times & Approvals

Unparalleled Precision of Data Collection & Analysis

Unparalleled Precision of
Data Collection & Analysis

Unmatched Agility to Support Changing Regulations

Unmatched Agility to
Support Changing Regulations

Compliance business processes are dynamic and ever-changing

Recently, the United States Department of Justice ("DOJ") published a report outlining guidance and best practices for corporate compliance programs. In this report, they share key information about how prosecutors evaluate programs when a possible violation may have occurred.

"Prosecutors should consider the effectiveness of the company’s risk assessment and the manner in which the company's compliance program has been tailored based on that risk assessment and whether its criteria are periodically updated."

"The organization shall periodically assess the risk of criminal conduct and shall take appropriate steps to design, implement, or modify each requirement [of the compliance program] to reduce the risk of criminal conduct."

"Prosecutors may credit the quality and effectiveness of a risk-based compliance program that devotes appropriate attention and resources to high-risk transactions, even if it fails to prevent an infraction in a low-risk area. Prosecutors should therefore consider, as an indicator of risk-tailoring, revisions to corporate compliance programs in light of lessons learned."

It is a must that your third-party due diligence process evolves over time, and consequently it is a must that your system is able to support those changes inline and without interruption of your business. 319 InSight is the only platform with the power and flexibility to handle these requirements.

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