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Terminated Employee
Exit Surveys

Capture, automate and manage employee exit interviews to increase the consistency and auditability of corporate decisions and detect problem situations to help prevent future incidents.

Automate the Extraction of Insights from Key Data Collection

Terminated Employee Exit Surveys Highlights:

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Key Benefits of

Terminates Employee Exit Surveys with 319 InSight

Third-Party Due Diligence

Easy to Use
Intuitive User Interface

Secure Sensitive and Confidential Information

Secure Sensitive &
Confidential Information

Gain Important Business Intelligence

Gain Important
Business Intelligence

Compliance business processes are requiring integration to internal systems

In order to facilitate a truly transparent and compliant enterprise, compliance business processes must be embedded into all internal systems. ERP systems, HR systems, onboarding systems, accounting systems, and any other system must have controls in place to assure the business operations are run according to corporate policy.

319 InSight is a strong proponent of system-to-system connectivity, evidenced through its BlackBox application. This feature facilitates accuracy and ultimate control throughout the life cycle relationships that your organization has with its third-parties, customers, vendors, contractors, employees and any other internal or external relationships.