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This is the most critical step in any project – it sets the table for entire scope and scale of what will be automated through the platform.

  • What is the business policy that will govern the automation of work and requirements in order to attain and remain in compliance with it?
  • If there is no business policy, it will need to be developed and documented.  It may not be a policy that is published publicly, but rather a policy to govern the work functions of the business process that will be automated in the 319 system.
  • What are the business rules and laws that shape the policy?
  • Who must be involved in the business process per the policy?
  • What methods are used to enforce the policy?
  • What are the repercussions for not following the policy?
  • Are there exceptions to the policy that can acceptably take place?  What are they?
  • How are changes to the policy managed and dealt with?  What are the frequency of these changes?
  • Where in the enterprise does the policy affect business processes?

The outcome of this work results in two important documents:

  1.  A Business Flow Chart that depicts the business processes and flow of work requirements from end-to-end
  2.  A written document that explains at a high level what the end to end process is step by step

This set of documents should aim to provide clarity and answers to the following basic questions:

  • Who is involved in the process?
  • When are they involved in the process?
  • At what points in the process is data (questionnaires & forms) being collected?
  • At what points in the process are reviews happening?
  • Are reviews taking place by systems, people, or both? (Risk Matrices / other Dynamic Analysis)
  • What are the consequences of the reviews?
  • Are systems being used to integrate data and information in the process?

Our expertise at work will assure that your policies are enforced with a fully automated, end-to-end business process with our system!

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