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Best-in-class reconfigurable cloud technology 

Platform319 is the result of over ten years of research & development, millions of dollars, and the collective effort of many individuals dedicated to creating the world’s premier compliance business process automation platform.

The Platform contains a set of proven technologies and hundreds of business functions & applications. To appreciate the revolutionary difference between the Platform319 and all others, it is essential to understand its base architecture.

Platform319 was designed to be a reconfigurable, integrated business solution where the centric connection is a web server. Internally it is based on “LAMP” architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). The platform at the core is the Kernel. All applications running within the Kernel share a common database.

Because of this, all applications are fully integrated with one another. That is not to say each application requires the other. Each is a stand-alone solution within the Kernel, sharing a common database.

Platform319 is secure, scalable, powerful, expandable, proven, 100% dynamic, and the premier platform for automation of compliance business processes. It was designed to liberate businesses by supplying an integrated, yet fully reconfigurable solution. Compliance professionals demand self-service and independence. Platform319 delivers well beyond expectations.