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Data Conversion
& Transfers

Retain and actively use previously collected compliance data

319 InSight possesses advanced, reconfigurable technology in the area of data conversion and transfers.

As our clients increasingly move away from rigid, legacy systems or other platforms that cannot achieve the level of business automation required, it is is a must that their past efforts are retained and even stay “alive” in Platform319.

Our client services team can help you and your organization extract data from your existing systems and then develop schemas for bringing the data into Platform319 in a manner that best suites the intended mission.

Some examples include:

  • Importing screening data and linking to specific CaseIDs to avoid re-remediation efforts for 50,000+ subjects
  • Merging data from a multitude of ERP systems (SAP, JDE, Oracle), performing data and de-duplication analysis, and importing into the platform to run screening and due diligence processes
  • Bringing in tens of thousands of documents, specifically enhanced due diligence reports, into the platform and tying to people, companies, case files, and ongoing compliance processes

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