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Sign On (SSO)

Important technology for user security, experience and process automation

319 InSight utilizes the latest in Single Sign On Technology to allow organizations to be in control over user accounts, access and permissions.  Systems such as Microsoft Azure or Ping Identity can be leveraged for seamless authentication.

Employee systems of record such as WorkDay or Oracle can send data, typically via SFTP or through 319 Black Box API to create and maintain user accounts.  Key field(s) such as Employee ID and/or Email Address can be used to assure accurate account information and updates.

Other profile information such a manager, department, location, and more can be used to help automate business process where relevant.

With SSO, you can save time, reduce frustration, and increase security.

Here are some of the benefits of using SSO technology:

  1. Time-saving: With SSO, you only need to remember one set of login credentials. This eliminates the need to repeatedly enter your username and password for each individual application or website. This can save you a significant amount of time and reduce the risk of password fatigue.

  2. Convenience: SSO makes it easy to access all of your applications and websites from one centralized location. This can be particularly useful for businesses that use multiple software platforms.

  3. Improved Security: SSO can improve security by allowing businesses to enforce strong password policies and limit access to sensitive information. With SSO, businesses can also track user activity and monitor for suspicious behavior.

  4. Cost-effective: SSO can help businesses save money by reducing IT support costs associated with password management. By simplifying the login process, SSO can also increase employee productivity and reduce downtime.

At the end of the day, SSO technology is a valuable investment for any individual or business that wants to simplify their online experience, improve security, and increase productivity.

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