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Rapid Delivery of Complex Requirements

Delivering an elegant automation solution for complex third-party due diligence within 45 days

Background & Context

An American health care company that produces pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition products was in need of an automation solution to allow them to process high volumes of third-parties from around the world with a very small compliance team.

Challenges & Opportunities

They had a complicated process with multi-level review and remediation stages, involving many different roles of individuals within and outside of the company. They also were losing their existing platform in less than three months and needed to be up and running quickly on a new system.

Solution & Ongoing Success

Our expert team was able to extract the necessary knowledge to react quickly to their needs and desires while considering the challenges involved with automating their process. The system was up and live in 45 days, beating their already condensed timeline and achieved everything that was required and much more. They have since grown in use of the platform to utilize additional functionality and have purchased other 319 InSight applications to help them automate key compliance processes across their organization.

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