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Refinitiv Integration

The superior market solution for integrated compliance data and technology

  • 319 InSight’s platform is fully integrated with Refinitiv’s WorldCheck database, which covers:
  • Politically exposed persons (PEP), close associates, and family members
  • State owned entities and state invested enterprises
  • Global sanctions lists
  • Narrative sanctions (sanctions ownership information)
  • Global regulatory and law enforcement lists
  • Negative media
  • Iran economic interest (IEI)
  • US SAM
  • More…
  • Unlike any other system, 319 InSight’s applications can use the results of a WorldCheck screen to automate risk scoring, in-line decision making, contact & company classification, continuous monitoring and more
  • Screening is done directly within 319 InSight’s applications – there is never a “swivel-chair” need to switch back and forth between systems
  • It also is fully integrated with Refinitiv’s Enhanced Due Diligence IntegraScreen management platform which allows in-line automation of EDD report ordering, tracking, and management